Hallo, Konnichiwa, Shalom, Bonjour, Hello

For each person, lives are filled with various interactions, triumphs, trials, and tribulations. We all have the option, to take from these different situations, whatever we like. We can lend understanding, or we can be angry. We can be overjoyed, or we can be sad. We can be empathetic, or we can be selfish. My belief is that the most important thing we can do, is to allow ourselves to feel the full extent of whatever happens to come our way. If we live our lives this way, we end up with a lot of very powerful feelings that build up inside of us. The fact that we are able to passionately feel, is a gift in it self, and something that I consider to be very beautiful. Born an artist, I have always strived to represent the beauty of feeling, through the pieces that I have created over the years. I put myself into each of my works, representing the different elements that have created who I am. I am able to tell my story to people, without ever having to say a word.

Born in Spokane WA, I grew up in a smaller city where I was able to build very strong core values. From the beginning of my schooling, my parents noticed immediately my acceleration in the arts. Through the combination of their support, and the values I was taught, I grew up always representing myself as raw, and as honestly, as I could. This representation translated very well into the arts. As I have matured, the style to which I work has matured, however, it represents all the integrity and depth that I have always been taught to display. Eventually I outgrew my home city of Spokane, and moved to Seattle, where I could continue to pursue my passions. With the core values I took from Spokane, in my life, and in my art, I had seeds planted that would grow exponentially with the influence and opportunities that Seattle would be providing.

I have been living in Seattle for four years now, and the style and form of my work has evolved into a presentation that has been extremely well received. I work with resin, stone, oil, canvas, and board, to create layered color plays, that represent the very intimate and personal experiences I have been through. The integrity of my work can be felt, and this has garnished attention from some of Seattle's most talented designers. I have been honored to gain the attention of such designers as Garrett Cord Werner, Ted Tuttle, and Dana Hamel. I also received the honor of representing Tiffany & Co for the DIFFA GLAM event in May of 2009; to which I constructed a resin and oil box to house the Tiffany & Co donation that would be auctioned off at the event. My ability to share myself to the world, through my art, is something I cherish.

Every day that I live, I learn something new. I continue to have many different experiences that constantly evolve the way that I think and feel. My work will continue to evolve with me, and each piece that I create serves as a diary entry, into an ever expanding book.